Top 10 Dietary Supplements for Dogs

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THE table of the 10 most common dietary supplements for Dogs, what they’re supposed to do, and whether or not the claims are supported by scientific research (2)
Supplement Health Claim Supported by Scientific Evidence?
1. Glucosamine Prevents arthritis No
2. Fish Oil Cardiovascular health and skin condition Yes
3. Probiotics Promote healthy digestion Inconclusive
4. Multivitamins Supplemental nutrition No
5. Lysine Prevents infections No
6. Milk Thistle Purge toxins Inconclusive
7. S-adenosyl methionine (SAM-e) Promotes healthy liver No
8. Digestive Enzymes Aids digestion No research available
9. Coenzyme Q10 “Boosting” immunity No
10. Azodyl Promotes healthy intestines No research available