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Paw Powder

Quality Pet Mineral Supplement

The health of your pet is as important as the health of your family members. Just as humans take vitamin supplements to increase their overall health, dogs can also benefit from supplements in their food. If you want to ensure that your dog is getting the nutrients it needs, our Paw Powder pet mineral supplement is right for you.

How to Use Our Product

Our pet supplements are in powder form. You administer the powder by sprinkling one teaspoon onto your dog’s food daily.  This should be enough for dogs of all sizes, though dogs under six months old shouldn’t use this product.

We offer our product in 8-ounselecte and 16-ounce sizes, which will last for one and two months respectively. In order to see results, you’ll need to administer these supplements for at least three months. Our subscription service charges you monthly and ships you new containers of Pet Powder every month as needed so you never have to worry about running out.

Why to Use Our Product

The sight of a happy, healthy dog is one that brings joy to everyone. If you want to have as many healthy years as possible with your pet, you’ll need to pay close attention to its health. This included feeding it quality food, helping it exercise daily, and if necessary, supplementing its diet with pet supplements.

Some of the benefits of using Paw Powder include stronger bones and teeth, shinier fur, improved blood pressure and circulation, and better muscular movement. If this sounds like a life you’d like to give to your dog, you’re in luck — Paw Powder is the way to do it.

If you’re ready to give your dog a happier, healthier life, contact Paw Powder today. Improved health doesn’t have to break the bank. You can trust us, because your pet is our priority.

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