Calcium  |  Magnesium  |  Manganese  |  Potassium  |  Phosphorous  |  Copper  |  Iron  |  Zinc

Calcium is required to help keep your dog maintain healthy teeth, nails and coat, along with digestion, the squeezing and relaxing of muscles, blood clotting, proper nerve functioning not to mention releasing hormones!


Magnesium is one of the most plentiful substance in the cells, so a deficiency in magnesium would be a serious health risk. It is an important cofactor in maintaining electrical balance across membranes.


This is one of the most deficient minerals in dogs due to the minute amounts they get from liver, meat and bone and don’t provide enough manganese to meet daily requirements for your pooch. I know, we didn't know either!


We all like balance right? And to maintain proper fluid balance throughout the body, potassium is a necessity for proper functioning of enzymes, muscles, and nerves.


Main function of phosphorus is the forming of bones and teeth as well as playing an important role in the body. Like use of carbohydrates and fat and in synthesizing protein for the growth, maintenance and repair of tissues and cells. Also helps with kidney function, nerve conduction, muscle contraction and one of the most important, heartbeat regularity. You’re welcome!


Copper, not just a pretty name, or the wiring in your house. It has an important role in this world, just like your pet! It is absolutely necessary for a number of reasons. Including the formation of bone and connective tissue, the development and maturation of red blood cells, the absorption of iron, the development of pigment in hair, and are you ready for the best yet? It functions as an antioxidant, including the formation of collagen.


Iron combines with copper to form hemoglobin, yes, the molecule in red blood cells that carries oxygen. Iron is an necessity for certain enzymes in the body to function optimally.


Zinc = good health! Zinc is the major player in brain function, learning and memory, great eyesight , healthy skin, hair growth and regulation. Why do they get it all! Go ahead, sprinkle some powder onto your own food, we do!

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