Day: June 15, 2019

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HUNDRED PERCENT, ALL NATURAL, HUMAN GRADE PET MINERAL SUPPLEMENT Take the guesswork out of how much minerals your pet is actually getting through the minute amounts that are in their dog food. Tailored to just one scoop a day, making sure your dog has all the necessary minerals required for optimal health for your pet. BUILDING STRONGER AND HEALTHIER PETS Bones  |  Teeth  |  Shinier coat  |  Repair tissue damage |  Strengthens their bones  |  Helps treat osteoporosis  |  Protects tooth enamel  |  Possesses anti-inflammatory effects  |  Helps build muscle  |  Strengthens the hair and repairs tissue  |  Regulates blood pressure  |  Keeps the heart beating steadily  |  Joint support  |  Aids in circulation  |  Hormone distribution  |  Muscular movement  |  Neuron transmission  |  Intracellular communication CERTIFIED POWDERED PET MINERAL SUPPLEMENT High in Calcium – Among other important nutrients. We have discovered and then developed it in its most natural state, which means you are getting the purest form. Paw Powder is the most effective supplement available for pets, and is formulated to help them live a quality life. Paw Powder provides natural building blocks for growth,  including helping to prevent future breakdown.  Proudly made in Canada with locally sourced ingredients.Special thank you to the support of the Government of Alberta,  doctors and the scientists involved.[...]