You love your pet.  You want your pet to live their best life.  You want your best fur-friend around for as long as possible.  You want your pet to have the best quality of life, and only give them the best quality products.  So we decided to give you what you want and share with you what we've been giving our pets to ensure their health and longevity.


When it comes to your pets health we do not compromise our ingredients.

If you're like us ~ pet lovers, then we know you'll appreciate the simple, all natural, human-grade ingredients packed full of pure minerals in Paw Powder.  Ingredients


The health of your pet is as important as the health of your family members,  Just as humans take vitamin supplements to increase their overall health, pets can also benefit from supplements in their food, but if you want to ensure that your pet is getting the nutrients it needs, our Paw Powder pet mineral supplement is right for you.

Paw Powder

Your pet is building healthier & stronger

Bones  |  Teeth  |  Shinier coat  |  Repair tissue damage |  Strengthens their bones  |  Helps treat osteoporosis  |  Protects tooth enamel  |  Possesses anti-inflammatory effects  |  Helps build muscle  |  Strengthens the hair and repairs tissue  |  Regulates blood pressure  |  Keeps the heart beating steadily  |  Joint support  |  Aids in circulation  |  Hormone distribution  |  Muscular movement  |  Neuron transmission  |  Intracellular communication

Certified Powdered Pet Mineral Supplement


High in Calcium - Among other important nutrients. We have discovered and then developed it in its most natural state, which means you are getting the purest form. 


Paw Powder is the most effective supplement available for pets, and is formulated to help them live a quality life. 

Paw Powder provides natural building blocks for growth,  including helping to prevent future breakdown. 

Proudly made in Canada with locally sourced ingredients.

Special thank you to the support of the Government of Alberta,  doctors and the scientists involved.  



Calcium  |  Magnesium  |  Manganese  |  Potassium  |  Phosphorous  |  Copper  |  Iron  |  Zinc



With the purchase of a pet drawing made from the heart of a child, we donate a portion of sales to SCARS ~ Second Chance Animal Rescue Society.


Help make a difference today!


Our gift to you!

As a thank you from your pet receive $5 OFF your first order by entering our code: Thankyou

Meet Abby & Bailey

It was a sad day when we lost our dear Tia to old age, and we didn't want Abby to be lonely.  That's when we were blessed with Bailey.  We had adopted her and she has been such a joy and companion to not just Abby but to us as well.

- Sandy

Out walking the dogs with my son, Jessie and his Stella.

mineral supplement

Simply sprinkle one scoop of Paw Powder Mineral Supplement onto pets food daily.


Help Support SCARS.  A Portion Of Our Sales from Every Drawing Goes Towards Them!


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I like how easy it is to use Paw Powder.  I add it to my dogs home-made food, it's just one added ingredient, takes me 2 seconds to add but makes a whole difference in my dogs health.


Love the Paw Powder but I think I'm more in love with the adorable pet drawing.  I posted it on my fridge so I could see it everyday, it puts a big smile on my face.


Love, love my drawing.  It's the cutest picture I have in my work space.  I took it to work and have it on my desk because it makes me feel so good.


Paw Powder is working great for my german shepherd.  He was having some joint pain along with a few other issues but he seems to be doing really well now.  Great stuff guys.



Once I discovered that some race horses use this product, I immediately bought some for my horse.  I've already noticed a difference in her.  I love it.  Thank you.


I've never found a mineral supplement like this before.  Thank you for sharing this awesome product.


I like how simple it is.  A scoop a day keeps the vet away.


I didn't actually purchase a drawing, my friend bought one for me.  I then went onto your website to check it out and I must say, I love what you guys are all about.  Keep it up.


I can't believe the difference this product has made in my pet.  He went from feeling sluggish to being active and lively again.  So happy my friend recommended this product to me.  Thank you for sharing Paw Powder.


My dog is still a pup, almost a year now.  I started giving it to her four months ago and she's thriving.


To be honest, I thought this was just another product making claims, but a friend had tried it and turned me onto this powder.  Thank you for renewing my faith in pet products.


Love the powder and love the drawing.  No regrets.  Great product.


My pet appears to be much more lively, happy and energetic.  I appreciate the time it must have taken to develop this product.  Thank you for sharing this great product with us who just want our pets to live a healthy life along side us.


I ordered this product on a friends recommendation.  Our pet doesn't seem to have any problems with it.  It states it's human-grade so my husband tried it for awhile, haha.  Results were - he actually lost weight! LOL, so now I'm on Paw Powder.

Disclaimer - These are customer testimonies and we promote and sell Paw Powder as a Pet Mineral Supplement.  Although it is human-grade and humans can ingest it, we are not selling it as a human mineral supplement and nor are we claiming it as a weight loss product.  Although we are very happy that our customers are loving our product and their weight.


Dude, great product.  I've had Jake on this powder for eight months and he's quicker, more limber, overall just seems to be happy


Thanks for reaching out, we'll get back to you as soon as we can!

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