Paw Powder


A certified, powdered Pet MINERAL Supplement, 100% all natural, human-grade supplement.

High in Calcium - Among other important nutrients. We have discovered and then developed it in its most natural state, which means you are getting the purest form.  Nothing but the best for our fur-ends.

Paw Powder is the most effective supplement available for dogs and is formulated to help them live a quality life so pet-ential unwanted health conditions don't arise.  

Paw Powder provides natural building blocks for growth, repair and maintenance of everything from healthy teeth, bones, coat, tissues, heart, circulation, blood cells, nerves, hormones, electrial balance across membranes, enzymes and muscles.  Including helping to prevent future breakdown. 

Some minerals do an OK job of helping your dog as it's most likely in their current dog food, BUT it's in such minute amounts they're not really getting optimal benefits.


Paw Powder


Paw Powder
Paw Powder Paw Powder

Dosage - 1 tsp (Scoop) daily.  Sprinkle onto dogs food or add into your dogs home cooked meals.

8oz - one month supply for 1 dog.

16oz - one month supply for 2 dogs.

Due to its high concentration, we ask that you give it to dogs 6 months and older.

Paw powder is the best a dog can get!

There are several pet supplements on the market that can help reduce the symptoms and causes of individual common health problems, but very few will help with all of them. Even with some of the best pet foods on the market, pets still suffer from common, recurring health ailments.

Adult dogs can get by without added calcium for a few weeks or even months, but eventually a deficiency of this mineral will cause serious consequences. 

Paw Powder provides a range of health benefits, making this #1 in a complete and purest mineral pet supplement. #pawpowder #nailedit

Paw Powder


Paw Powder
Paw Powder Paw Powder

Dosage - 1 tsp (Scoop) daily.  Sprinkle onto dogs food or add into your dogs home cooked meals.

8oz - one month supply for 1 dog.

16oz - one month supply for 2 dogs.

Due to its high concentration, we ask that you give it to dogs 6 months and older.

Made by pet parents. For pet parents!

Simply sprinkle it into/onto your dogs food or add it into the list of ingredients when cooking your dogs home-made food.

Locally produced and developed by geniuses!

Special thank you to the support of the Government of Alberta,  doctors and the scientists involved.  Oh yeah, and of course to our furry little family.

Ingredients are Canadian grown and proudly made in Canada.


Calcium is required to help keep your dog maintain healthy teeth, nails and coat, along with digestion, the squeezing and relaxing of muscles, blood clotting, proper nerve functioning not to mention releasing hormones!

– Calcium

Magnesium is one of the most plentiful substance in the cells, so a deficiency in magnesium would be a serious health risk. It is an important cofactor in maintaining electrical balance across membranes.

– Magnesium

This is one of the most deficient minerals in dogs due to the minute amounts they get from liver, meat and bone and don’t provide enough manganese to meet daily requirements for your pooch. I know, we didn't know either!

– Manganese

We all like balance right? And to maintain proper fluid balance throughout the body, potassium is a necessity for proper functioning of enzymes, muscles, and nerves.

– Potassium

Main function of phosphorus is the forming of bones and teeth as well as playing an important role in the body. Like use of carbohydrates and fat and in synthesizing protein for the growth, maintenance and repair of tissues and cells. Also helps with kidney function, nerve conduction, muscle contraction and one of the most important, heartbeat regularity. You’re welcome!

– Phosphorous

Copper, not just a pretty name, or the wiring in your house. It has an important role in this world, just like your pet! It is absolutely necessary for a number of reasons. Including the formation of bone and connective tissue, the development and maturation of red blood cells, the absorption of iron, the development of pigment in hair, and are you ready for the best yet? It functions as an antioxidant, including the formation of collagen.

– Copper

Iron combines with copper to form hemoglobin, yup, the molecule in red blood cells that carries oxygen. Iron is an necessity for certain enzymes in the body to function optimally.

– Iron

Zinc = good health! Zinc is the major player in brain function, learning and memory, great eyesight , healthy skin, hair growth and regulation. Why do they get it all! Go ahead, sprinkle some powder onto your own food, we do!

– Zinc


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